Why She Won’t Meet You Again

We all have a desire to meet a girl we like for a second, third or whatever X time. We enjoy spending time with her. We appreciate having a discussion and cuddling with her. We think that she is the one girl that fit exactly with the characteristics that we desire. Maybe, she is too feminine, advanturous or she got a positive nurturing, mindset.

You just called that girl and she won’t respond. You texted her and then she come up with a variety of excuses for not seeing you again. You feel sad for losing someone that you like a lot. You start to overthink about it while questioning yourself : Why she won’t meet me again while everything was alright?

But, gentelman, honestly, there is no one reason for not meeting you again. Many possibilities could happen that made her dissepear. So, after a struggle with this specific thing for some good time. I come up to a multitude of resonable ideas about why the girl won’t meet you again.

Why She won’t meet you again?

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The Boyfriend

Sometimes, girls like guys doesn’t express themselves fully fearing judgement and problems. so, she can had some argue we her boyfiend or she left him couple of days before your meeting.

You spent a great time together and she can’t denie it. But, she can come back to her ex-boyfiend looking for comfort and stability. It’s in a situational moment you probably met. Also, she could be thinking about a breakup that time and she end up not doing it. So she came back to the old relationship.

the truth is that cheating is a very common thing. Furthermore, we can’t notice it sometimes. If you met the girl and you went through a one night stand or whatever. But, she won’t aggravate the matter by contacting you. So, she’ll leave without letting any trace.

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The one night stand

A one night stand is a very common situation when the girl don’t meet again. Because for her it’s a one night, no more. She wasn’t planing on meeting again because she was driven by a desire of a specific moment, not coming from a rational choice.

Some girls will think that it’s an emotional time and when it’s done they start to judge themselves. Woman in this dynamic are more fragile than man, based on the social condioning that we live in. So, It’s a feeling of being an easy target and not making things that right general way.

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Another Love

Another situational thing, when the girl is in love with another guy. So, she is keeping on chasing him, bit he keeps pushing her away. Furthermore, she start to look for some other guy to satisfy her desires and to make the guy she likes chase her. Then, the problem is that she will keep on chasing him again and again. She tried to give you a chance but everytime her mind is stuck with the other guy.

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Life goes on

It can be situational when a change happen in her life. I could be travel, family problem or whatever. So her mind will totally shift to some other concerns.

Also, She won’t meet because of you!

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But still, a big part of not wanting to meet again is related to you. especially, if there are many other girls who didn’t want to meet again without any reason.

So, they just see and ignore the message to meet up again or they say we can’t do it again sorry. You probably were wondering why for a good time.

When you first met, you probably acted grounded and hide some true deep emotions behind some bullshit. Then after spending a lot of time or fucking. Your personality made a huge shift. You yourself can’t notice it because we can’t see the whole picture when we are focused with a frame. When you met at first, you were probably 5% honest, by means hiding what you trully feel.

She felt some kind of unallignement in your thoughts and actions. She felt at a certain time that you are not trully opening up. So, she experience that moment of observing a guy who is not being real and sincere towards her.

That’s why you come up as a needy later in the relationship because you have been hiding all these sentiments. which creates some dishonesty in your connection on a deep level.

To conclude

The best way to do it, is to go real from the begining and learn to read the social cues to know if she is coming from a relationship or she loves a specific guy. The smartness in this case is to screen the girl to know what is going on in her life. All that, to know if you make her a part of your life or you just move on.

If you had this experience before, you can share a comment about it in the comment section.

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