What To Say To a Girl You Like?

We all believe in the power of words. These voices that can control and change situations. At a certain point, we arrive to a moment where we don’t know what to say next in a conversation with a girl we like. We want to find these sweet, masculine words to give her a brain orgasm.
We want to create attraction through the words. Furthermore, we think if we say nothing the disscusion might die and the girl will probably lose her interest.

A big majority of guys out there admit that they should be always in control of the conversation. While the truth my friend might be surprising for you. Actualy, a girl start to invest more, the moment you start to consider her contribution in the conversation.

But, we are scared to lose her so we stuck in the mindset of control. It doesn’t mean that we don’t give direction. Because we now where we want the conversation to go.

At the same time, we acknowledge that if the girl doesn’t invest, at least mentally, she will not feel involved. By means, She will think that you are chasy and easy.

Still, as i said, you should be the maestro of the conversation, effortless. You give just the masculine guidance and she brings the feminine reactivenes and artistry. In addition, you can bring a lot of subjects to the table. For sure, she will appreciate it fully, the moment that it’s moderated and sincere.

But, there is no more harmful than spreading all those words and technics you’ve learned from internet, especially if you don’t even believe in what you say.  That time, she will sense the dishonesty and that’s a huge mistake a lot of guys do.

I use to throw quotes and funny, sweet words to get the girl into my charm. I though it’s that romantic flow that i’m bringing to the conversation. Actually, it’s hard to vision how injurious to the connection it is, as long as you are living in the bubble of that bullshit.

So you might ask: Am i going to stay silent and do shit? Or just throw a bunch of subjects i like?

the truth behind the things to say to a girl you like

Is your goal to shift of personality whenever you discuss with a girl?

I think no matter how hot and adorable the girl will be, your personality and beliefs might remain the same. We don’t change to please a girl. We do it for ourselves.

Girls are not the stable part of the story. So you got to beath in your bals and man up. That’s the reason why a lot of girls enjoy being around guys who believe they are enaugh. Groundedness is a noble trait in man, which get you back to reality whenever you are fooled with the moment or ego.

Do you want to make the conversation a fatigue and over work for you ?

As long as we try to come up everytime whith these old, used and recycled sentences we’ve heard before, we fake our personality. Especially, when we force these words to come up as you already used it before.

Honestly, aren’t you tired of saying bullshit that you don’t even believe in!
All that generate a lot of mental tiredness. The more you share a bunch of flim-flam, the more get isolated from who you deep is. You end up losing that special, authentic and masculine expressions of that specific moment you are living in. Finally, you get labeled as any other douche who is doing the same bullshit.

Best Things To Say To a Girl

♥ 1 ♥
The Infiltred man

Did you ever get into that deep, interesting and emotional communication with a girl?
Is the subject, you brough to the table, coming genuinly from what you love and enjoy in life or some nonsense words that you don’t even care about?

What i found crazy is that how much everyone of us is able to express his desire and drive towards life when speaking without a filter.

Generally, an infiltred man have a tendancy to be natural with woman. We all desire to be natural at this point, because connecting with woman will never be a big deal.

So, what you should remember in this part, it to open up genuinly and to express what you feel deeply you want to speak about. Let yourself go at first. Don’t do it to impress her but because you feel good when you speak with honesty.

You will not feel the conversation and it will be the smouthest one you ever had. The girl will open up more to you. It’s the pleasure of a deep connection. It’s not that cocktail of sweet words who will bring that, but the simplicity of being an infiltred man.

Romantic things to say to a girl you like?

Romantic is marked by the imaginative and emotional appeal of what is mysterious and idealized. So, briefly, romantic is a feel of love, which is an expression that comes from the feeling we experience in an abyssal level.

So, The romantic things that you can say to a girl is exactly what you feel. It’s not in an exterior level. We are different emotional individuals. By means, that emotional position you get based on how much you feel the impact of the girl on your senses. It’s purely a genuine expression of you feel. It can be a narration of what is happening inside you.

So, as long as these romantic pick up lines are not allined with your thoughts and emotions, just get rid of them.

♥ 2 ♥

Ps: This is not a technic to use.

If you don’t feel speaking it’s better to say nothing than to spread some flim-flam that you don’t even assume. Furthermore, be expressive to what you experience and that time and why you feel not speaking. You are clear in what going one, nothing to hide.

Sometimes, me personaly i feel empty, without nothing to say. So, i come up exactly to the girl i like and i say exactly what i think:
” Hi i find that you look attractive but i have nothing to say else. No inspiration in this specific moment. ”

That exact time, me personaly, i open up because i’m not fooling myself. By means, not fooling her with wordsi’ve used millions of times. She appreciate that genuine expression. So, she even start to come up with subjects and ideas.

Remember: You are human being not a robot. Naturaly, you don’t have always things to say. Sometimes, you don’t. So express it clearly to communicate and aquire an understanding of what you feel.

To conclude

A conversation, at that same time, can be easy or hard. Still, it’s all a matter of understanding and sincerity. No matter how bad you feel, you can turn all that over a great conversation and make the girl attracted to you.


The collective journey.

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