What Do Girls Want ?

What Girls like in a man ?

It’s one of the most viral question since the first interaction between man and woman. Most of the guys are wondering what are the secrets behind getting around the most gorgeous girls.

To start, from that moment i started into the journey of a pick up artist, money and looks are not the ultimate scale. Honestly, appearance and what you got in your pocket can help sometimes if you know how to use them. But, still not the basics of what girls adore about a man.


Do money and looks really matter with girls ?

I remember going out seducing or dating girls with a big whole in my boots and a dirty shirt. Actually, it was funny for me because the moment i understood about looks are a bullshit, i didn’t buy a new shoes. So, that purely gave me a freedom to wear the way i want and the way i feel comfortable in.

At the same time, i’m a student and i can’t pay for high class bars or restaurents. I don’t even have money to pay for myself sometimes, while i still hook up with a high quality and good looking girls.
I don’t have a car or a big home. At the same time my dates are provided with the minimum possible. Now i make the date back to my place that can be cheap and effortless for me, for the reason of not investing every single date.


you still wondering whY these girls still want to meet and fuck ?

Therefore, i’m sharing with you today the most important insights that you should consider in your daily life in order to get the type of girls you desire.

♥ 1 ♥

Girls like a purposeful man

The moment that the girl feel that all what you are doing in your journey is based on only one objective, which is pleasing and seducing her. By means, all what you do is to get her at the end, you probably have no more chance. Just, go get a life.

I’ve learned that when i go out every single day for a good period and i make girls the goal of my day, i had no result, even when i do what worked every single time before. But, the real issue wasn’t what i’m doing, it’s all related to the mindset that i’m coming with.

Every man have a good in his life, girls are just a part of your journey. You have your boat which is your life, girls can join you in your trip, they are not the trip.

Making girls the center of your plan is not definitly the thing that girls desire deeply. That’s why when you pay more attention to the man to woman dynamic, you notice that when you make the girl the center of the attention and you chase her, she’ll be gone already.

In contrast to all that, girls are always craving to be your first choice, but the moment they get it, they fly far away.

So, my dear friend, the best thing to do is to establish a healthy lifestyle based on nurturing yourself and your personality. Your focus, essencially, will be your path, business or whatever, and girls will be just part of it.

♥ 2 ♥

Girls like man who don’t seek approval

One of the most unatractive trait in a man is the need of being validated by people.

I’ve noticed that guys sometimes flip their personalities in a matter of seconds. All that in order to please the girl or showing her a variety of talents. Which ridiculous when it comes to her vision. You will be categorized as this juming monky who’s driven by peoples approval.

Consequently, it shows a big lack of confidence and self awareness. Even more, shows that you can’t deal with yourself. So, how you are going to deal with the girl.

Girls adore guys who believe they are already enaugh, who don’t need acceptance from people around. They are more attracted to guys who acknowledge their value.

♥ 3 ♥

Girls like man who don’t give a shit

Girls adore when you don’t ask for permission to do things you want to do. They love when you just go and do it. No need for anybody, you already assume yourself.

Also, woman notice a very interesting behavior in man, That is the way he reacts to what happens around him. They capture the moments you are over-reacting to bullshit. A man with a great experience in life are generally grounded and less reactive. They never make a big deal and treat things the way it is. They are most of the time at ease with the guff happening around.

The fact that a man don’t give a fuck, is a big sign of an accaptance toward his weaknesses and insecurities. He do not trying to hide anxiety but exposing it with a big smile.

♥ 4 ♥

Girls like man who don’t knows how to control himself

I had a moment in my life when i started to experience different patterns to see how girls realct to my self control. At the end, i find out that women get more attracted when i say Yes/No based on my principals.

I’ve seen girls just got hooked for the fact that i don’t do a specific thing, because i don’t feel like. Girls generally gives you more respect and sometimes they try even to adapt to you because they feel centredness and awareness in you.

As long as you are hones with yourself, express, without any bosh, what you feel Ok with and what you don’t.
Women appreciate your deciseveness and choices which shows your capacity of leading and expose your masculine energy.

And you, do you have any ideas about what woman want? if you had an expreience with that, please share with us in the comment section below.

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