The Truth About Predominant Man With Woman

Imagine that all the man were born with the same motivation for growth. Life will be probably boring because you don’t need to put any effort in self development. But, the truth gentelman is way far from that. Life is unfair sometimes. The reality is that you should work your ass off to get where you acutally want.

In our joureny, whether you are born predominant man ,by means, all the social influences were in your favor to be a natural or you are like me, trying to addapt this skill and removing all the bullshit we get from our entourage.

If you feel a part from the second tribe, this article is absolutley for you.

So here i’am sharing with you in a new article with some new insights that i’ve learn throughout field experience day in and day out.

Truth about being direct

There is nothing more real than a man being direct and honest towards the feminine. A man’s capacity to remove all these fakenesses and layers put through years by society hiding his true personality.¬† A man’s ability to make his authenticity shine. A man who know his goal and determined in his life to achieve what he want.

Through the years, we learn to be undirect and take the zigzag roads to get to the point. All that to escape rejection and to bring softness to the unexpected. Direct is real but what is real might hurt some people. So, we fear saying the truth because it might be aching.

As a result, you think taking the indirect way of expression will get you the desired result. You might be scared of failing and getting rejeced by the girl. You block what you trully wanted to say by taking some other ways of expression that includes bullshiting and you come off as a wierdo who can’t express himself clearly.

Furthermore, not being direct makes you lose a lot of time and energy. So, it includes taking the longest road for the same outcome. So why not going straight to the point and be clear with it?

Woman in general have the ability to look at the emotions directly and see the average of truthness that you are exposing. So, make it direct and effective. It’s just an inner fear of losing a girl, but there are millions of others who could be more attractive and emotional than her.

A direct man is appreciated by everyone. Look at old man’s behavior, they go straight to the point when they want to. They value time and effort.

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Truth about your own reality

A man’s reality is shaped by his youth, entourage and condioning. So, every man went through his own experiences that made his facts of existence and his way of judging things. Furthermore, every man’s reality is different from the others. But, does it mean that all these realities are built on exactitude and rationalisation.

Every experience that we go through have different interpretation and point of vues. My point of vue on something might be different from yours. But how can we pick the most accurate reality? on what we can base to pick the right one?

You know the best way yourself. Remember that last time you did experience something for long. So, what you’ve heard from other people about that thing might be totally different from the experience you had.

As a reslut:

A solid reality is built only on field experience.

So, if you are a shy guy and your friends told you that approaching girls is hard. If they told you dating girls is a complicate thing, you should go and see for yourself. Nobody is capable to judge this situation for you. So, make your first step.

Truth about sex

Man with the less judgement to their sexual desires and manifestations are usually the ones that get the most desirable girls. A man’s ability to express his sexuality to a woman is a noble act. Man should be proud about their sexual passion because it’s a magnet to the woman. A real sexual man doesn’t need to express it through words but it’s demonstrated by his eyes and body language.

Reality might be shoking for some of you, but women love sex more than man. You might ignore it, but girls love sexual topics more then you do. Girls can be addicted to sexual thoughts in their day to day life. Furthermore, it’s just a social shaming mechanism, to the women in their sexual expressions, that kept them hiding their beautiful fantasies.

A shy men went through some shaming in their youth, whether familly, school or friends. So, they started to store all these deep feelings and expressions inside and not exposing them to the world. Because, for a shy guy, sex is bad. Speaking sexual is out of context. While, the reality is that sex is an amazing sensation that life provide to man and woman in order to build a physical connexion and feel each others souls.

Man in their youth should honor their desires and accept any sexual reaction to their bodies. You should not also make it the goal of your life. It’s a part that can provide you pleasure to push you forward into your purpose.

Truth about a man’s standards

A man’s strength is mesured by his capability to stuck to his morals and principals. It’s a clear sign to determination and groundedness. A man’s changing mind chasing acceptance ends up a slave of another man’s principals.

followers with no rational desicion ends up in a loop of scarcities. A woman’s choice of man is based on his clarity of decision taking and ability of not betraying his standards. A man who change his mindset in a matter of seconds to get approved and validated, is the worst enemy. Girls desire a man with a definite purpose even if he doesn’t express it, she have the power to sense it.

If you remember the people with standards, they are genrally leaders. You trust in someone with standars. You know that they will never let you down. Women do believe in man who believe in their principals too.

To conclude

As a result we can get that the only thing that matter is experimenting from your own side. You should go out and meet women. See how they react. Build your reality and establish your boundries.

Try being sexual, more masculine and try some new stuff you never tried before. Push these limits to see the truth with your own vision. Give yourself a chance to crush these social conditioning loops and these mental barriers to create a life you desire.


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