The 6 Habits That Changed My Life

The power of habits

” What you do in your journey defines who you are ” 

Never thought that habits will bring such a joy to my daily life. A new vision toward the world in general. Habits are able to reveal your real capacities for change and action.

In this article i thought about sharing with you my top 6 habits to inspire you in your journey.

Let’s get to the REAL TALK :

Surround yourself with the people who support you in your journey

You respresent the 5 people you are mostly surrounded with

So, our personality is built from our influences. If we surround ourselves around people who are negative and non-productive. There is a higher chance to get the same traits. It’s hard to live with a bad energy and try to resist it. Influence most of the time is on an unconscious level.

So, it’s better to chose your circle of people that you met often. People who have a drive towards life and who got a pupose.

So, i’ve learned to be selective to get where i want in life. Your mindset and the way you view things is very related to the interactions and disscussions you had with these close people.

Furthermore, if you don’t say ‘NEXT’ to some bad influences, how do you expect to have a healthy psychology?

Going to the gym

That habit specificaly made me realize that limits are just mental. You think you can push only 40 kg, but what you can do actually is far more than that. It crushs that limiting beliefs about your body and its capacities.

So, the moment you believe in your capacity to achieve what once you thought it’s impossible to attain. You feel more potentiel to accomplish what you want in life.

Also, with the gym i’ve learned the power of persistence, which is a major key in life. Real results never pop-up in a matter of seconds, so persistence is needed. You start to understand the power of habits to achieve what you desire.

As a result, your mind start to believe in massive work. You start to acknowledge the truth behind success. Gym is that amazing dose of adrenaline in my daily life.

Healthy food

Oh fuck! I just like this part.
I use to be a very bad cook. Then, i’ve learned some basics and i started to cook every single day. I enjoyed that moment when i go buy a mix of vegetables ,fruits and meat, then head back home to make a tasty healthy dish.

So, the first week i started to cook and eat healthy, i noticed a huge difference in my behavior and psychology.I have no bad mood when wake up. No more random depressions. Less fatigue in the morning because i don’t eat some heacy dishes at night.

What is great is that i don’t get sick anymore. I use to get sick before because my body wasn’t getting the right alimentation.

The body is the mind” – Elliot Hulse

The 20 minutes meditation

The meditation changed radicaly my thinking dynamic. I’ve been practicing it for 3 years now. It’s a huge transformation when it comes to taking decisions in the daily life, especially in the harsh times.

I feel more calm in my mind which brings me to more self control and more rational choices.

I feel whenever i want to think about something i do. But, if i don’t need any extra thoughts, i shut off my mind.
As a result, you become more selective even with your thoughts which makes you acknowledge where all the energy is going.

Reading books

It’s a decision that i made at the age of 15. I started by taking a look at my father’s library and feeling a bit of a desire to read a book. until, once i get hooked with that one book which name ” La méthode Coué “.

Books opened up my vision towards all these possibilities that life could afford you. All these reference experiences from a variety of interesting people who dedicated their lives to study a specific thing. All these magnificient ideas and principals that you could learn in a matter of minutes.

I learned to value books a lot. these papers that containes, sometimes, a life time research which is delivered to you for a very cheap price.

So, i’ve learned to read. As a result, all that knowledge you get makes adapt to some higher level of understanding toward life’s principals. You discover that nothing worth the knowledge of a man.

Whenever i feel weak at a certain domain, i just open a book about that specific thing and i study it. Books accelerate the learning process.

“The more you learn, the more you earn” – Tai Lopez

Going out to meet woman

As a man i adore the feminine energy. I love being around woman because i just enoy their company. I’ve learned to make going out couples of times during the week to approach girls a habit.

Seduction exposes the social dynamic. So, that man to woman connexion was very intruiging in my childhood. Beta males and alpha males. Technics and honesty. Logical and emotional.
All that was absurd at a certain point.

The more the world evolve, the less man get challenged. As a result , people can stay at home and connect with the hwhole world behind a screen. No need to meet humans in person. Hence, we escape reality to get stuck with the fears.

So, for me, woman are the best speculum for my personality. Furthermore, woman have the capacity to see behind the fakeness you try to come up with. As a result, you get more desire to be honest with yourself and the world.

Also, i love having sex and enjoying those pure romantic moments, especially with the type of girls that i like. Because, i’ve learned to push myself to meet the woman that fit to me. I’ve learned to beat the fear of rejection and all the social anxiety in order to free my masculine vibes.

To conclude 

Habits changed my way to view the world. You can get a higher consciousness about life, just making a shift in your habits. It’s more simple than you imagine. All start with a small action that is followed by antother step. All is built in a baby step mode. Now, it’s up to you.

If you have some effective habits or any thoughts you wonder to share with us, feel free to express that in the comment section below.

Peace out,

The collective journey.

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