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After gaming in north africa and multiple places in Europe, i thought about trying a new place with much more abundance than Paris. I picked Budapest, Hungary. I’ve heard from the community that it’s one of the best places for game in Europe. Why not!

I took a one way flight from Paris to spend some time with one of my old friends who’s a pua and a youtuber and another friend who’s working with social prime.

After couples of days of night and day game. Pulling frequently and enjoying the city. I started to realize how feminine and expressive the girls over there are. There aren’t many guys approaching savagely at the end of the night like in Paris. There are only a couple of Puas that i started to notice from night game that are good with what they are doing.


As i was spending my holiday there, one my friends called me to join him in the social prime HQ. I had an idea about the teaching of the company but i wanted to know more by spending some time with them in order to see the essence of their tutoring.

As i gamed with a variety of puas since i’ve started 5 years ago. I was always willing to learn and share with this community. For me, game is a pure collective journey, no matter how different the idiologies within the community might be, i’m willing to open up and observe without any judgement.

My first encounter with the guys from social prime wasn’t about game. It was just having fun and fucking around. Hence, we were just joking about some random subjects. So, for me that was better than trying to make every subject about game and teaching. There is this spontaneous aspect that i appreciated in their expressions. So, they are not presenting themselves as gurus but more as people who are experimenting in the game realm.

Clubs back in hangary were open every single night. So, we gamed every single night as well. Bouncing from Szimpla to some bars to Fogas, that was the night usual trajectory.  I spent these days while they were running bootcamps with some students. So, i was winging the instructors and students sometimes.

What i’ve noticed is that you don’t feel this overly game vibe. Their vibe was more of an expression based on honest acts and non-filtred personality. That was a pure self-therapy. They approach with the idea of exposing who they are by the most honest communication possible.

So, they approached game from the other side of the coin which is “Honesty”, no more techniques and routines. I decided to experiment and live the same experience so i started to practice with them their “process”. It was entertaining, there is this expression of the deepest feelings you are experiencing in that specific moment. So, for social prime it’s great to let go of what you feel by sharing these truths with the set.


As a pua, we create every time a reality based on the reference experiences and the environment we absorb. We tend to get stuck in this reality because it’s an identity to everyone of us. If somebody came up and told you that your reality is fictitious and based on phony beliefs, you might lose your mind. Furthermore, since i started to approach girls, my reality on some subjects changed and reformed. So, for me reality became a very flexible concept.
Everything is possible. Part of it is a social construct to maintain stability and a lot of it is socially acquired.

So, being around social prime for a time, discussing and approaching girls a reminder of this concept of subjective reality and paradigms. I was intrigued by their study of “loops” (Behavioural patterns, patterns of perception and insecurities). It all started when we came back home after partying. We sat down on the sofa, it was Chris, Nils and I. We subsequently started to discuss our visions and perspectives about pick up. Everyone was exposing his ideas from a neutral and sincere background.

As we talked, we ended up touching on some more sensitive subjects . Which was the rejection you experience when you open up yourself and be 100% authentic, with zero misleading communication or behaviour. That was a sticking point that i’ve noticed when i started digging deep by working on approaching without any approval seeking from the girls. It’s an exercice that RSD Tyler shared back in 2011 called  “real man’s blowout”. So, Chris asked me to take a paper and a pen and take notes of this loop and decode it in steps.

I appreciated the method and their capacity to lead thoughts without affecting the process. The important thing is that the result that you get from this loop study is finally provided by you and not an external idea. that loop study with social prime was a great path to find deep fears and expose buried thoughts.

On a personal level

After doing the loop study with the SP team and generating more understanding towards sticking points, i felt more at ease in game in the next days. It made some release of a heavy hidden emotions on a psychological level.

That was a good step that made me realise how much the brain is able to get distracted with the process of game, ego and people. It was more of a sensitivity towards some deep thoughts and fears that i was stuck with before. So, that was a global understanding for my behavioral patterns.

What i’ve noticed with girls after this phase

I felt more comfortable in some particular parts, by means an acknowledge towards fears and weaknesses arouse a sentiment of acceptance. that loop study gave me some pure realisations on the fakeness of some realities i built in the past throught my game and influences.

So, it was an agreement that brings the capacity of expressing, with serenity and peace, what causes anxiety from before. Still, that pulling girls wasn’t an issue for me in these last years of game but it was more a work on an inner level.

Social prime is a refresh to the basic principal of game

Many guys before spoke about the idea of honesty and approaching the way it is true to who you are. For example, even back in 2011, RSD tyler made a variety of videos based on that. You can check ” Cultivating The Natural Strengths In Your Personality ” which is approaching and say what you feel without using a specific technique.

As a result, what i like about social prime is going more deep into this idea for now, which i consider ‘The fundamentals of game’. Furthermore, The concepts shared by social prime aren’t special in their origin but the methodology they work with is making a good impact.

23 Days of experiences and discoveries

The Budapest trip is one of the most nurturing experiences i had in these last years. It’s more of exposing yourself to different perspectives and ideas in game. As a result, it gave me the ability to observe and comprehend multiple issues and solutions in my jounrney.

Staying for a long time in Paris and getting stuck with the same vision made me create a specific reality. It’s like looking at the same frame in a picture for a long time and forgetting the whole picture.

So, the idea of being with multiple wingmans, who are working constantly on evolving their game and personalities brought me to think back, relearn and revise the basics.

A man’s capacity to receive another man’s direct criticism is a measure of his capacity to receive masculine energy. If he doesn’t have a good relationship to masculine energy (e.g., his father), then he will act like a woman and be hurt or defensive rather than make use of other men’s criticism.David Deida

If you have any insight that you would love to share with the communityJUST make it happen now in the facebook group ” The collective journey ”


The collective journey.

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