The Importance of Man’s Standards With Women

We spend a lot of time being indecisive and unclear about our standards in our jounrney. So, we get lost in this grey zone between acting upon some standards that we built and not having them at all. Still, there are plenty of men who are deeply believing in their standards and they fully trust them which brings to their journey a huge success with girls and life generally.

Women’s attraction to men is mesured by his capacity to adapt to his standards. A betrayal to any of these standards may occur some doubt in the relationship. Men with no boundries at all bring a feeling of emptiness and weakness. It’s a pure sign of a non-selective male. The type of guy who get satisfied with the crap.

Life’s charges and missions gets us to lose a majority of these standards. So, we get caught in the day to day bullshit then we forget the basics to a successful life and relationships.

If your goal is to establish some real alpha standards and cut with bullshit, this article is for you.

What women think of men with no standards

Highly attractive women’s hook with real alpha males is partly coming from their grounded standards. In a relashionship, women’s trust is related to the capacity of the men’s belief of his own principals. So, the beta’s thurst of adaption to the women standards is one of the most hated traits in a man.

As a result, women find out that guys without principals and standards are very eligible to cheat on them. So, the feminine tests the men to see if he is capable of maintain his words and thoughts. Which make sense because otherwise she will fuck with a bunch of beta males who are going to ruin her life.

Men with no standards are coming from a place of craving. They have the capacity to fuck with any girl that can exist even the uggliest ones. So, you think by accepting all the crap given to you, you are going to attract a good quality women?

How standards changed radicaly the quality of girls i date

Never thought that standards can impact the life you live and the quality of girls you date till the moment i set the boundaries.

I personally went through this rollercoaster of having no standards at all and having them. So, i started my jounrey in seduction, as a very unselective dude. Spent the first couple of years fucking girls that i partly like or don’t even like at all. I had no fucking principals that i get based on. So, i had this idea in the back of my head ” The more i bang any girls, the more i’ll get close to the attractive ones”, which now i consider retarded.

I remember asking myself multiple times, if i do want to see a specific girl again?. Do i deserve hanging out with this girl and accept all the negative energy thrown at me ? Is she really the type of girls that i feel deeply delighted around?

That made me realise:

The more i date girls out of a selective league, the more i get far from dating the hot ones. I felt at a certain point non deservness toward high quality girls. I get lost in that loop for a good time.

So, you realise throughout the days that it’s the desire who’s controlling all the matter. personally, I have a huge sex drive. As a result, i realise after having sex that i don’t want to stay anymore or i just want to sleep. I felt that deep emptiness inside me.

Until, that day when i was in a date. I was horny and the only thing i’m thinking about was having sex with the girl.

But, there was this voice in my head telling me that fucking with this girl will be definitly a violation to my principals. At the end of the date, i generally propose that we go back home and keeping the vibe going. Hence, i took a deep breath and told her ” I’m heading home “.

While, heading back to my place, the only thing i thought about was:
Never ever betray my morals again because i deserve what i want and not everything given to me.

For me, that was the perfect time to cut with the non-sense.

After couple of months of keeping on this track, i started to date and attract very hot girls that i’ve never thought i’ll be able to get them. So, i don’t invest energy only when i feel that the girl deserve who i’m as an evolved man. Then i quickly realized that women start to adapt to my own standards. Furthermore, everytime i stick to my rational mind which is based on these standards girls appreciate me more.

Having grounded standards pushs people around you to give you the respect you deserve. For women, the more your standards are rational and based on your choices, the more they feel your masculinity and deciseveness.

Why Women value alpha males with standards and not the thirsty beta

Man’s chasing to get to women standards ends up with nothing.

Look around you, the number of guys who get satisfied with any pussy who accept them. No selectivess is set. I’ve seen very successful guys hanging out with girls they don’t even like. Why?

They think that’s what they deserve. They don’t deserve a very good quality women. They are living in a pure scarcity mode. They are even scared to lose that girl who’s around them and they become very needy. Consequently, no standards are set and women standards will be the default.

As a result, if you observe for a moment you will notice that women are more selective then men. That’s how it works gentelman. For girls, selectiveness is very instinctive based on the cave ages theories. Which makes women more attracted to man with standards.

For women, men with standards have the capacity to hold to their peuposes in life and be able to affirm security and comfort. Men’s following other men’s standards can’t get women to follow them on emptiness.

Let’s Wrap uP

Man’s standards is one of the basics that make you build the life you desire. You can be the one who set the rules. If you have grounded principals, people will follow you imidiatly. Your women will trust and pursue you with closed eyes. So, the best thing that you can do now is to take a paper and note down the principlas you want to make in your life and commit to them.

As a result, sooner you will realise a huge positive difference in your journey.

So, if you had any experience with establishing standards in your life or with women, please share with us what you’ve noticed in the comment section below.

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