How To Text A Girl – 2018 Ultimate Guide

What To Text A Girl ?

Texting a girl is one of the things we overthink a lot before we do. Sometimes, we even change it couple of times in order to get this ideal words in order to not mess up the connexion we built.

We try to make it perfect, impeccable and indirect in the same time. We have been always wondering about this magical texting recipe to get the girl in to our charm.

While, the truth is that a lot of guys fall into the trap of the text game. Whether, they overtext and over do or they dive into hesitation and a fear of expressing their intentions towards the girl.

Hence, between those two extremes exists a very fine line that can get you what you want. That is simplicity, honesty and smartness in your text game.

In this specific article, i thought about sharing with you my own exprience of texting girls. Therefore, i will expose to you real examples from my texts. All that, to give you an overall idea on how to manage the texting phase with the girl you like. Also, to create your own text game that fits to your own personality.

So let’s start from the beginning :

Part 1

How To Text A Girl For The First Time?

So, saying you just met this girl you like in real life or online. She gave you her number in order that you get to know each other more. You don’t know what exactly to text her at first. You have a variety of ideas in your mind but at the same time you want her to respond back. By means, you want to create this smooth connexion and by means invite her for a date.

First of all, if she don’t know your phone number, just make it simple and text her your name with a smile. No need to write a long paragraph while she don’t even know who you are. It’s the obvious way to make her add you to her contact list that you can communicate easly.

1/ ExAmples of a First Text To a Girl :

If you want to make it more funny and relatable at the same time, send the first text as something related to your conversation early. So, that can feel the cool moment she spent with you. As we said, the first text should be simple and effective. So, just make it short and catchy. It can be a movie name, a funny joke you spoke about or something playfull in relation with your connection.

2/ ExAmples of a First Text To a Girl :

If you just met this girl in real life, just ask her to text you her name or something droll that you can register her number. Else, you can ask her to give you her phone to write your number and send yourself something amusing related to your conversation. Therefore, the text game will be easy and effortless. Because, she will have this feeling that she is the one who invested in the conversation at first.

But, considering that she got already your number, instagram or facebook. You can just send her something like :

” It was nice meeting you ‘her name‘  🙂 ”

That will give a beginning to your conversation and will provide her with a logical reason to text you back. Then you can run your game.

3/ ExAmples of a First Text To a Girl :

So, what you should remember here is that the first text should be as brief as possible. At the same time, the text should be easy to get and in relation to your early conversation.
REMEMBER! Text the girl within 2 days because she can forget about that moment you spent and get distracted by another thing.

But, you will be thinking now about what to text her next? how to keep the conversation going?
So, that’s the second part that i’m going to elaborate.

Part 2

How To Flirt With a Girl Over Text?

Your main goal is to date the girl. So, REMEMBER! All what you are doing is going in a specific direction, which is the meeting. As a result, flirting should be subtle, moderated and smoothly put.

♥ ♥ ♥

•Your Flirty message should be intriguing, something that can bring a desire to a girl to know more of what you think about her. People adore to speak about them. So, give her that moment of “her getting to know things about herself”.

•The message could be also something that grabs her attention and makes her wait for your responce.

•The second message can be related to your early conversation before you get her number. So in this way she knows how to respond. Likewise, we guys don’t know how to respond sometimes, also girls do the same thing.

So, if a girl find that your question difficult, she will panic and will not know how to act. So, just make it simple.

• You have also the possibility to use some stuff already used before. Here are couple of examples :

How To Know If The Girl Likes You Over Text ?

First of all, you can see if the girl likes you through her response.
All that by the fact that:

♥ Most of the time, she responds quickly to your texts.
♥ She re-initiates the conversation by coming up with a question.
♥ She makes long responses to your questions and brings up the fun to the conversation.

Also, after texting back and forth, you can just go direct, without any hestation, and ask her to meet for a drink. Because, the more you lose time, the more she will think that you just want her as a simple friend.

So, move on and show your intentions. That’s the best way to screen her and see if she likes you or not. The question could be very simple.
” Are you up for a drink this week ? ”
” Do you want to go for some wine and philosophy this end of the week? ”
If it’s Yes, then make it happen my friend.

To conclude

Texting is the tool to get to the date. As long as you know where you are heading to, texting a girl can be easy. So, make your text short, effective and a way to make her accompany you in a romantic date.


The collective journey.

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