How To Go Out Alone To Meet Women

Some of us think that going out and approaching girls alone is one of the hardest things to do. Sometimes our friends want to just stay at home and watch a movie or work on a project, while we have free time to go out. We often in turn choose to stay at home, considering that nobody is going out, and we use this as an excuse with which to trick ourselves. The solution is just to find motivation and move on.

The first times I went to approach girls alone in the street were very complicated. I found it as a challenge to quit the comfort zone that I had built. In our society it’s RARE to find someone who goes out alone and approaches girls. We like to be around friends who can push and support us or even console us when we get rejected.

But going out alone has great benefits, being fully independent– such as sincerely knowing yourself, how to amuse and stimulate yourself without relying on familiar company. You become more grounded and learn to master your emotions.

How to motivate yourself in order to go out and seduce girls alone ?

I can tell you that through the journey of pick up I suffered a lot when I was beginning to approach chicks alone. I would lose control and my game would suffer, and I would become lost in the venue without any direction.

So I started trying different ways to feel okay, going out by myself and approaching, achieving multiple instant dates and even getting laid within a few minutes of interaction.


Exemples :
♥ Taking a walk.
♥ Going to discover some place.
♥ Going to a specific shop to buy a specific thing. A place that’s a bit far from where you live and that’s close to the venue where you can find alot of sets.

That’s how you can trick your mind. By having a direction you become busy with that goal. Because I’ve noticed that, when I started, whenever I went out with that mindset, I felt that girls were just on the way to where I was headed. They’re not my primary objective, and I feel more at ease.

When you begin to take action and go out by yourself, you’ll notice that your mind starts to give you excuses from time to time. We start to overthink out approaches or how the girls react.

So how can we stop overthinking about the fact that we are gaming alone ?

I find that whenever I listen to some rap or rock music that I like, or even a podcast, I begin to feel better. I come to occupy my mind with positive vibrations, which releases me from the worry zone.

Calling a friend that you feel comfortable around and who knows a lot of things about you can make you feel better. You can joke a bit with him or her, you can express all that you feel at that specific moment. Expressing how anxious you are or how you feel at that moment can bring you to a great state.

Expressing yourself fully will make you remove the filter that you use to hide your emotions. You will be real, and appear as who you are.


How to maintain that state of mind for the whole pick up session ?

You have to always remember that what keeps you in a great mood generally is minimizing the time between interactions. Say hi to everybody and joke around, ask people about anything you want, directions, cool places.

At first try to maximize your approaches so that you even approach girls that you are not really attracted to. You do this in order to communicate and feel sociable. As long as you do that your mind will get into a positive momentum and you’ll be in a constant, cool mood.

Generally speaking: when we become lonely we tend to have toxic negative thoughts that kill our mood causing us to lose energy and become socially unexpressive.

Try to laugh at yourself every time you get into this type of haze.

It will make you feel more comfortable with this negative energy and it will no longer affect you, henceforth aware and conscious of it in any situation.

We spend so much time having fun through exterior stimulus or relying on the presence of somebody. Acknowledge that you are enough as a person to have fun– you don’t need anybody else.


Have fun!


The collective jounrney.

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