How To Get a Girl’s Phone Number Online ( + Exemples )

The truth about Pick up lines and the Online dating Dynamic

I started my advanture into online dating with tons of pickup lines. Lines that i’ve got from a variety of PUAs around the globe. Some of them funny, sarcastic or even silly when they’re out of contest. I was throwing them all over my conversations. When it comes to spiking emotions, they do it effortlessly. But still that my rejection rate is too high. I wasn’t aware of how easy online dating can be. A lot of guys where having very good results but i was complicating things.

Sometimes the discussion is starting great. The girl is magically into you. You like her and you start to think about to ask her for a number or to date. Suddenly, she dissepear. No more responces from her side. You try to text her again and again but DEAD.

You ask yourself!
Why she does that ?

Sometimes, it can be some situational moment. It can be also, something more interesting happened in her life and robbed her attention from yours. That time you can’t control it. Move on!
But, generally, because of the over use of the pickup lines. If everytime she feels that you are out of the contest and trying to be funny. By over using them, you reach a level of unrelatablity. By means, you will be categorized as a wierdo or a try hard.

So, the best thing to do is : Keep it simple and effective !
As long as you belive in your gut. Simplicity is the essence of beauty. Make it short and learn to find some relatability to what you are speaking about. Don’t get out of context as if you want to prouve some humoristic skills.


Let’s get into the depth of the subject!

After exprimenting a variety of styles, i come up to a conclusion:

♥ 1 ♥

Be direct; Girls are already tired of those guys who took centuries to be honest on what they want. Go straight forward to what you want. They are there because they don’t want to waste more time. Girls choose online dating cause it’s quick and effective. No friends or relatives included in your meet up. Just you and her. So, she already knows what she want out of the dating app. So, be brief and sufficient.

♥ 2 ♥

Girls adore guys who know when to be real and move on with the conversation. as a result, they want you to lead, like a real men do. Don’t wait for permission. Learn to cut the bullshit and make things more exciting and intriguing. Therefore, no need for hours of nonsense talk. No need for clowning and playing games.

But, you might be asking: What about the fact that she don’t know me yet?  will she trust me and give me her number?..

Is IT Important to build connection and report before asking for her number ?

♥ 3 ♥

Actually, comfort and report aren’t needed at all in this situation. It doesn’t mean that you are not going to build connection and trust with her. But, it will just come up in the next step after taking her phone number and add her to your whatsapp list.

It’s more powerfull when you get her number without creating any report then when you do. That shows her that you already trust each other without any needed flim-flam. It’s way more stimulating then the other guys. So, she will accord way more importance to your conversation. Now, she is willing to know you, to discover that mystery behind your decisiveness and manliness to take that choice.

is it that easy to get A girl’s phone number online ?

In this section i chose to share with you couple of my tinder conversations to show you that: It can be effortless as long as you keep it smooth, reliable and straight forward.


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