How To Generate Positive Emotions In Your Journey

How to generate positive emotions in your journey ?

Let’s FIRST start with clarifying something really important and it’s the fact that there is No Shitty or a Bad Day in a way.

What we consider to be a shitty day is just what we perceive to be shitty through an unconscious way of thinking. That makes us refer to a negative mindset. This negative mindset makes us a part of what I call The Constipation Society. That is defined by pessimistic social conditioning.

So what you are about to learn in this article are the best ways that I found, through my journey, in dealing with emotions. Also the way to create a positive impact in order to be happy and find joy every day.

Let’s start with these simple steps:


Generally what we call a shitty day is a mix of experiences that we go through during our journey. that we count as negative, that is in itself coming from a bad interpretation towards what we face.

Example : Remember that day when you were on your way to work or school and whoops’ you fall down. You get some dirt on your jeans and then someone passes and they say “hey you out of my way”. Just because he himself is going through what we call a bad day.

It is a chain of reaction that creates a whole society of constipated people AKA The Constipated Society.

We should interpret everything that happens in our journey as something that allows us to learn and grow. Something that pushes you in your day to act better and be more positive. Instead, we allow it to destroy our state and push us towards degeneration.

“Things happen in order for you to expand and go into an evolvement and not to make you fail and become weak”


The second thing is that we should learn to love ourselves. We should also learn to accept our negative and positive sides. We should learn to make peace with who we are.

Everyone of us is a special human being, there is NO ONE in this world that looks exactly like you or who does the same things as you.

Lean to respect and value yourself as that rare diamond that you should take care of. At the same time, just be conscious of not falling in the trap of EGO !

So you will notice in a way that calibration is truly essential at the same moment, master the ability of being SINCERE and REAL towards yourself in order for you to see things as real as they are. That will makes you develop the skills that you lack and progress totally in the right direction that you wanted to.

In consequence of all that, I retained that the biggest part of being positive and to destroy the parasite of negativity in your daily life is to:

“LOVE WHO YOU ARE”  because nobody will Love you as much as yourself.


This third Tips might be common to you but most of the people ignore it and forget about it very fast, especially when they’ve got some PRESSURE from an intimidating environment or when they are in a state full of POISONOUS ENERGIES in a specific moment.

So smile and develop as sense of humor. Start with developing your comedic skills so that you can be able to share a cool energy around you by throwing some funny and spontaneous jokes. Be creative and try to come up with some new cool ideas so that you break that COMFORT ZONE that you are in.

Don’t get stuck in your head all the time, FREE your mind and GO CRAZY sometimes, get that dose of Adrenaline, social conditioning is so fucking Toxic and has such a huge influence on our state of mind that we go sad, depressed and full of hate.

but I bet you are asking YOURSELF, how do I BEAT this kind of TENSION?

I started by laughing at MYSELF every time i feel that i’m going mad and constipated. That gets me out of this tragic and dramatic bubble. Don’t take it as a weird thing to do. Just breathe deeply and exhale with a big smile imagining that in your exhale all the negative energy is getting out of your body. You will be in a present state of tranquility and calm.

You can listen to Funny tapes that can stimulate you and make you laugh.

Look for being fun in your journey.  When it comes to work, WORK fucking hard.


The LAST and the MOST Important thing that I’ve learned through my readings in psychology, self-help and what I experienced. which can make a really positive dramatic change in the process of your life . that will make you a better person with more self- confidence and joy in the long term.

Is that habit that I’ve built every day which is based on those positive vibes and words that I use in order to encourage and boost myself toward a more positive and clear mindset .

I’ve learned for example from one of the BEST books that I’ve read “La methode Coué”. From experimenting with some new compilations words that I found truly effective.

I REMEMBER waking up, looking at myself in the mirror and constantly repeating these words:

                                      “Everyday I’m going from good to better”
                    “This day is one of the best days and it’s a character building day”

And Finally It’s UP TO YOU to move on and take ACTION in life in order get what YOU WANT out of Life.

If You have some other TIPS To share with us, See you in the COMMENT SECTION.


The collective journey.

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