How To Create Comfort When You Approach A Girl

Comfort in game is necessary, and it’s important to create a real connection between you and the girl. The moment that you establish comfort in an interaction, your game will be way better. Comfort will allow a girl to open up to you. Furthermore, she’ll be able to trust you and feel okay going back home with you.

Sometimes in our approaches we create a lot of attraction. The girl feels that she wants to know you and discover what is hidden behind this great first impression. This is normal, and she wants to open up to you as well.

” Comfort and attraction are the base of your interaction “


Learn to share genuinely

Communicating things which are common between you generally creates comfort. So when you speak about things that you share together, such as hobbies, movies or sports, or anything that lets the girl know more about you, you’ll create a sort of intimacy and ease between the two of you.

Learn to open up to her and share your insecurities. If you are willing to share with her the hidden shit about you, she’ll feel more close to you and willing to open up to you too. We all have insecurities and fears. Sometimes you don’t notice them, and perhaps the other person has way more insecurities than you do.

Also, what allows you to know somebody truly is to understand their past and especially their childhood. Believe me, there is nothing to hide. At the same time, any subject can be interesting. It’s all about how honest and expressive you are. Do not lie about your past and fake some events– girls will sense that. They can tell if you’re speaking the truth.

Bragging will destroy all that you’ve built!

Bragging is something that kills your seduction. The more you brag, the more the girl will dislike you. Many guys think that speaking a lot about their achievements and success stories is great. But of it is coming out of you in order to seek approval or validation, it’s pathetic.

Whenever you speak about your accomplishments, try to find the most sincere way to convey them without expecting any specific response. You are not seeking acceptance. You already recognize your value.


Creating comfort can be done by making an emotional connection. As you know, comfort is a feeling and you can make it just by shifting some perceptions. So here’s a brief article about creating a deep emotional connection with the girl you like.


I remember achieving comfort with girls just by letting them talk about themselves and even encouraging them to speak more. I just say:

“I know that we are having such a fun time but I’d really like to know you more.”

Don’t stop her when she is speaking. Learn to listen to her. Even if she speaks about some weird stuff or something that’s not normal for you. Don’t overreact to everything, as if you wanted to be the center of attention. You don’t need to show any bizarre reaction, always stay chill, without a grimace or other strange facial expressions. Show her that you are understanding and be willing to listen without judging what she is saying.

Move around, the city or the village, together.

In game, moving the girl is important and is considered as the easiest method to build comfort very fast. In a matter of minutes, she will feel that you’ve known each other for a long time. Just go around the city, move to different places, bars, markets or even some touristic places. All that you need to do is make a small adventure for the both of you. Have a great time and enjoy every moment that you spend.

If she is not flexible enough to join you in that adventure, tease her a bit without being too pushy.

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