A Major Key To Beat Procrastination

Procrastination is the fact of going into the most pleasurable and inessential tasks. That we forget about the most important ones which are considered urgent and important, that can get us progression and growth in life.

The more we procrastinate, the more we get far from our purpose and goals. So we tend to fill our time with bullshit non-needed stuff that can give us a feeling of being busy and entertainement.

Procrastination can lead us to delay an important work that we should do. All that can be resumed in a subtle mental mechanism which is run by our unconsciousness. Naturally, we don’t want to do things that get us out of our comfort zone. We feel challenged and at the same time show our hidden weaknesses.

Personally, I use to delay work and necessary stuff often. All that by fooling my mind with the fact that:

♦ It’s not the right time and I’m not in the right mood for it.
♦ I don’t feel like in my best shape.
♦ I have no motivation for now.
♦ Maybe tomorrow morning I’ll feel better.
♦ It’s not perfect yet.
♦ I need to think about it more.

All that make us lose time and energy for nothing. You start to stagnate for days, months and even years. So you start to give up on many subjects while you didn’t even give yourself the chance to start.

The more you procrastinate, the more the process of evolving will go in a slow motion mode.

So today I’m going to share with you a key tip that helped me overcoming procrastination and start taking action. So, no more hesitation towards what we are supposed to do in order to go a step further.

Real Talk :

So it’s based on doing every morning or the night before sleeping a list of simple tasks you should/want to do that day or next one.

Take a pen and a paper and write down what you wanted to do and what you have to do. Start with easy tasks, small goals that you can reach. Don’t go for the hardest thing at first or thinking about reading a whole 300 pages book in 10 minutes.

Your first goals can be just :

♠ Cleaning your room.
♠ Getting the trash out.
♠ Doing 50 push ups.
♠ Doing your home work.
♠ Sending an important message to someone.

The fact of putting small goals every day and achieving them, gives you a feeling of being capable of doing whatever you want. It gives you a push forward in accomplishing your biggest goals.
Those goals can provide you a kind of affection just by reaching them. It’s a satisfaction coming from the winning effect.

The more you get used to write your goals. The process will start to get more easier and easier to you to achieve them in a daily basis. So then, you can start to higher the goals and make them a little bit more challenging.

” As long as you feel fear and unease in achieving a reasonable goal, you are picking the right objective “

Also to get more encouragement, you can write in the bottom of the paper things that can give you a positive and cool energy. That’s a way I used to reprogram my mind in order to reach a nurturing mind set. You are going to take notes every single day. So you can use it to change your attitude for better.

You can write things as:


As long as you keep going with the notes. You will notice a major difference in your character and behavior.

Let’s Take Action Now !

Leave a comment below on how you do struggle with procrastination and your tips to beat it!

Peace out,

The collective journey.

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