How To Approach A Girl For The First Time

For many of us, especially if you’ve never done it before, approaching a girl in the street for the first time is one of the most complicated things that a man can do. If we see a girl that we like in the street, mall or even a bar, we get confused and don’t know what to say.

Since our childhood, we’ve learned that it’s unreasonable to speak to girls in the street. Growing up, we’ve created very bad references to rejection. We begin to take rejection personally in a way. Nonetheless, when we are developing, we have so many thoughts about this specific subject. Most of these thoughts come from people who are unfamiliar with seduction, and are therefore unreliable. For now, you are the only person who can judge your situation and experience.

Right now, you are a grown ass man. And one of our main interests as masculine entities is creating beautiful connections, involving emotions and sexuality, with women. We love women. We acknowledge the love they can provide and which helps us grow as men. There is a deep desire to meet girls and date or marry them. We go out alone or with friends to the street, bars or clubs in order to meet them. But most of the time we have mental blocks. We don’t know what to do, what to say or even how to act.

In real seduction, words and looks are not the most essential things. If you take a brief look around you, you will find out that not only the handsome guys are spending time around beautiful women. So today I’m going to share with you a couple insights about what I’ve learned in the last couple years.

How to seduce a new girl  ?
how to create an imidiate attraction within the first couple of minutes of your interaction ?

First we should clearify some thoughts

Girls love the idea of getting approached

It might be shocking, but through our social conditioning we are led to believe that women do not want to be approached in the street by men. But, after experimenting with seduction for a good time, I’ve had a reality shift. Actually, girls adore the idea of you coming up to them. Getting to know them and opening up and connecting emotionally, even briefly, is compelling for both you and the girl.

Often girls will look at you when you’re in the street, metro and other public places. Perhaps unconsciously, they’re transmitting to you a variety of feminine signs. You feel the interest in her eyes. She’ll literally open up a door for you so that you can say hi and get to know her. They will not come up to you and do it themselves. Because society is quite judgemental regarding that. They don’t want to appear easy and cheap. Which is a common female mechanism.
The world is constructed in a way for man to go out and meet women.

So here are some insights :

How to speak to girl in the street for the first time ?



At first don’t forget to show a SMILE. People feel comfortable around a smile. It’ll make you sociable and cool. Don’t be that dude walking around from girl to girl with an inexpressive face.


The energy you project is extremely important. If you approach with bad energy, she will sense it and automatically react with defensive behaviors.

This is why self-amusement helps a lot in seduction. Find your honest mood. Look for your buttons, the things that make you laugh. Jump, play, do whatever you want. Generally speaking, good energy will attract people and they will respond to you positively.

Remember! Don’t pretend to be energetic. Just be who you are. You don’t need to filter yourself. Feel yourself deeply and express it. Get used to generating your own state and adapting yourself to the fun. Don’t force it. Accept and never judge yourself in any situation. Looks doesn’t matter as long as you are coming with positive, cool and smooth vibes.


Going out and approaching girls that you like is really fun. It’s not the boring job that you do every morning. Being creative will make it fun and make you unique. You don’t have a boss who tells you what you can and cannot do. So make your own sauce. Expressing all that you think, without restricting yourself, helps a lot with creativity. Of course, you will be scared at first. But, if you express yourself genuinely, she will appreciate it a lot.

You are your own boss now. So go a bit crazy and enjoy your time pimping. Draw inspiration from the environment, other people and the moment that you are living.

Rejection from girls 

How i stopped thinking about rejection when opening a new girl?

We all started at a certain point with a big fear of rejection. But does rejection really matter?
Rejection, for me, is the only thing that can make you grow, evolve and learn from every mistake that you make. So that you don’t make the same mistakes again. You can be rejected simply for something situational. Or your approach.
So it’s a kind of mirror to the way you are acting at that specific time.
Rejection will push you to surrender your ego and start to question yourself in order to make your approach more efficient the next time.

Just keep in mind : Who else has the balls to go and approach that girl!

REMEMBER! Don’t give a shit about the people around you, everybody is stuck in their own head and thoughts. Nobody will think about you approaching that chick or any other. Maybe they will pay attention to you at first when you open. Then they will go back to thinking about their own problems.

We think that people think about us. While the truth is that the human mind is like a jumping monkey. We can’t stop thinking about our own bullshit over and over again.

Literally, people have more important stuff to think about than your approach. There is nobody here to judge you. Even you! You can’t judge yourself as bad or good because there are no constant rules on which to base your judgement.

What to say to the girl ?

In this specific part, I spent a lot of time figuring out what I needed to say and how to say it. I tried many different styles. I went through all the pick up lines from different coaches around the world.

BUT! It wasn’t me! I didn’t felt real when I said those lines.
It’s like faking yourself to the girl at the first moment of your interaction. How would you expect the rest to go?
You keep covering these emotions and words that you feel inside you. These profound sentiments that you want to share. But as long as you hide them, girls will be able to detect this throughout the interaction.

i arrived at a fair conclusion :

Words come up the moment you express what you want to deeply.
You have tons of words.

THEN, what do i say to this girl that i just approached ?

Your mind and body are able to naturally come up with the line.
Express :
♥ What drives you to say hi
What you feel exactly at that moment

All that you need to do is to be as honest as you can with yourself. If you are feeling a bit anxious, you can simply say hi. Just go in front of her and say: I’m actually a little bit anxious and the only thing that I can say is hi. Or, in the case that you like something about her, express that particular thing that you appreciate.

Simply said : Be honest.

Sometimes a hi is enough. It’s all about the level of sincerity of your expression at that moment. Let the girl feel your uniqueness. Don’t be another copycat of those guys who tried to stop her about 50 times that day and can’t actually say what they want.

Women are able to feel what you are hiding behind the pick up lines and words you’ve learned. So let’s be direct. The more you expose yourself, with the least amount of filters, the more you will generate attraction from girls.

Learn to take a deep breath and feel yourself. You are not in a rush. She is not the last girl that you can approach on this planet.


In opening a girl, overthinking can lead to getting stifled and blocked. The best way to open is as Mystery said in his 3 second rule: DON’T THINK TOO MUCH, JUST GO AND APPROACH.

Enjoy improvising and leave your comfort zone. As long as you do that, you will feel more at ease.

Often, you see a girl in the street. She is moving. You have no time to lose. If you wait and think about how you are going to act– Oh! she is already gone. So the moment you see her, go ahead and say hi!


It begins with eye contact– this I consider to be the most important thing in the body language. It’s quite a subtle communication.
When it’s sexual and stable, it can reflect your personality and show your man to women vibe. It can show her how grounded you are as a man, the fact that you are comfortable around people. You are not that kid who freaks out every time he gets into social environments.
♠ Open up your chest and assume your masculinity.
Walk with pride, with your head up and steady as fuck.

To conclude :

How to APPROACH a girl for the first time ?

Be direct and sincere with the girl. Most importantly, have no fear of rejection, people or the environment. Just let yourself go with the feelings you experience. So, simply put, take a deep breath and express what feel at that specific moment.


The collective journey.

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