Deal With Guys Who Try To Steal Your Girl

A guy wants to steal my girl

For the whole time that i spent picking up girls, i’ve noticed something that happens often, which is the reaction of guys toward other guys trying to steal their girl. This dynamic was a huge interest for me. So, i started to watch it ,analyse it and see a variety of content on internet about it. I’ve noticed that a lot of errors are being repeated every single time that this fact happens.

I was very intrigued by these quick changes that occur in the interaction, in a matter of seconds. I’ve seen girls who left the guy that they are with or even their boyfriends to join another guy they met 30 minutes ago.

It was quiet fucking shocking for me, especialy that i did steal girls from guys couple of times. Sometimes, you are not even doing anything and the guy get frustrated. As a result, you feel literaly that the girl wanna escape him in any way. I’ve noticed that they become miserable, emotionaly weak and very needy, that was mindblowing for me in a certain time.

So, what gave me the desire to write this specific article is seeing too many guys losing their girls to some other dudes. Especialy during the night when they go out and end up going back home emotionally destroyed.

Therefore, i’m sharing with you the major mistakes that you should consider the next time and the best way to deal with this situation.

The Major Mistakes that make that guy steal your girl

♣ 1 ♣

All of a sudden, you try to get all the attention, so you lose your realness. That’s what happen generally, by speaking more than you do or by over reacting to the guy who is trying to steal your girl.

It’s that false first step that gives the guy all what he needed to keep going and steal your girl from you. Most of the time, when the guy is a better speaker or very good looking, we get confused and we start primatively to think of getting rid of him. For us it’s a danger, so we get into this bubble of fear and scarcity. So, we are no longer that chill dude and we lose our temper.

Something magicaly happen when we observe ” We go from that chill and cool state to a kid hitten with a dose of anxiety and frustration”. We don’t feel it when we are in the moment but the girl do. She know exactly how is your natural state.

As a result, it exposes how much you are scared of loosing her as if she is the only girl in the planet. So, you are more needy then the guy who come up with a big smile and a positive mindset.

♣ 2 ♣

Putting yourself in a reactive mode to what he is saying. So, you start to give him a lot of attention, as if you want to show up as this social guy. But, the other guy is trying to seduce the girl that your girl.

So, you lose that centredness in you and you start to behave in a way to distract his attention from the girl. In contrast, the girl will notice how try hard you become at that moment. She will see how frightned you are, especially if the other guy is laying back and chilling.

♣ 3 ♣

Never lose your state when a guy pick up your girl

One of the biggest attraction killer is loosing all your temperture and fighting or getting in argue with him. Especially if the guy is coming in a peaceful and cool way. So, if it’s the first thing you go for, probably the attraction will go below zero, specifically if the girl is not your girlfriend yet.

Because it shows how scared you are are from the other guys around you and you need to prove yourself at a certain point. Therefore, it’s a very clear neediness sign indeed.

The moment you get scared about losing something, it’s the right moment that it disepear

♣ 4 ♣

It’s one of the most common mistakes that guys do, when the girl is not a girlfriend yet, which is trying so hard to approve that she is a girlfriend.
That show how much you are unable of handeling a situation like this. It’s one of the worst ideas to fool guys because you don’t know yet if the girl want to be your girlfriend or not.

The best ways to deal with a guy who wantS to steal your girl

♥ 1 ♥

A Guy tried to steel your girlfriend ?

First of all, if the girl is your real girlfriend or wife and the guy is beaing playfull and trying to show up as this smart dude, just go ahead, with a stable eye contact, a real mans voice and a deep trust in your gut and say:
” Hi she is actually my (girlfriend/wife), do you know her ? “.

By experience, the guy will feel naturally frustrated and lose words. All that because i honestly went through that back in my home town ‘ Tunisia ‘, where guys are by nature very dominant, masculine and direct. So, the moment you try to steal his girl and he comes in and say these words, you just leave the set imidatly haha.

♥ 2 ♥

On the other hand if you just knew the girl during the night or you joined her for the first time in a party, bar or whatever and this guy comes over, don’t panic. Learn to ignore him and his show start. No reactiveness needed from your part. At the same time, don’t validate him. As long as he is there, he will do his best to approve himself but at the end you/she will notice how gamy he is actually.

Let the dude talk and say whatever he needs to say. The more he invest, the more he loses credibility and come off as a weirdo.So, learn to control that part of you that want to talk and bullshit at a specific moment because you fear loosing the girl. No more flim-flam, say what you want honestly but don’t do it from a place of reactiveness.
Those who fear loosing attention, they never get it.

Just let him sell himself as much as he can.
” Guys who do too much with girls in order to get them, ends up with nothing “

♥ 3 ♥

Just lean back and watch a bit. Sometimes, the situation might be so funny. As a result, thinking too much will not be in your favor. Don’t take it seriously. That guy will destroy all what he is building at the same time, especially if he never learned about seduction. So, let him point his own gun to to his own head. You don’t give a damn about his presence.

Furthermore, no need to be showing that you are occupied by something else. So, no need to take your phone out and start to text as if you have something to do or that you don’t give a shit. Also, don’t fake a disscussion with your friends or some guys. Because the girl will sense a desire from you to put a certain filter to hide or to escape.

Learn to accept that moment, when you are just in your default mode, nothing to hide or to run off. Just being honest with the state you are in. At that same time assuming who you are deeply and acknowledging who you are.
So, no obligation to quit your chill zone.

♥ 4 ♥

Leading is a very noble, intelligent and masculine act to do at that moment. So, after that he expressed himself for a moment, look at your girl and tell her ” Let’s go to ****  “ It could be a whatever place, if you are in a bar to go take a drink, in the street to go do the thing you are already going to.

You don’t need any excuse, it’s your girl and you are the leader. Women adore man who leads them. they don’t want to force themselves to adapt a masculine trait. As David Deida said ” Don’t force the feminine to take decision “.

You are the man of the situation, you know exactly what to do. She trusts you more than the other dude, she will just follow your actions. It’s as simple as that. It’s up to you to enlight her with your masculine clarity and desiceveness.

♥ 5 ♥

Finally, Pesrsist, persist, persist!

If you met this girl during a party, in a bar or in the street and this guy comes over and try to steal her from you, while you were trying to go for a drink, an after party or even home, even if he got a very great game and she gets hooked by his energy, the best way is to persist.
Don’t let her go. He can literaly serve as a rollercoaster of emotion for you by amusing the girl. Stick with her and don’t give up.

Generally speaking, the one who persists and stays real will get the girl at the end. No need to prove anything. You are already enough. You think the guy will stay too long but the reality is that at a certain moment he will feel empty and leave.

He will be using all his technics and models while you are being real and honest. Don’t get into his fake battle of proving capacities. At the end, the only option for him will be resigning.

To resume gentlemen

It all comes back to the very bascis :
Leading, self control, persistence and honesty.
As long as you acknowledge your value, other people will treat you the same way you treat yourself.

So, next time a guy try to steal your girl, you know what to do.


The collective journey.

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