Good Questions To Ask a Girl You Like

Generally speaking, we ask specific questions in order to get a responce, whether to know more the girl or, in a specific moment, just for a fun pupose. But, most of the guys ignore the reason behind asking, a girl we like, a question.  As a result, they get stuck in what to ask?

First, If you don’t want to hear and acknowledge her responce, why do you ask a question?

So, let’s clarify this matter.
Questions are not a generator of any kind of validation or accaptance from the girl. It’s not a tool to show how smart you are!
It’s a mechanism we use to get an overall idea about the girl you are talking to. Whether to screen her or to know if she fits your standards.

So, most of the times, you see this girl, you like her, but you don’t know who she really is. You have no clear idea if your personalities matchs.
So, Is she really the type of girls you like? Will you feel comfortable around her? Is she someone positive who tries to push you towards success or tries to kill your vibe?

Therefore, i thought it might be helpful to share with you the most important questions to ask, to know deeply the girl you are talking to. Thus, you can have a great connection with the girls you like.

what are the best questions to ask To a girl you like?

• Question n°1 •

Are you compatible?

You should know already what interest you in a girl because if you do not. You will struggle choosing what type of girls is better for you. So, you can take a paper and write down these questions:

♥  The different characters you like in a girl ? ( Empathy, emotional understanding, vulnerability, humbleness ..)
♥ What attracts you physically in a girl ?  ( Your preferences or standads.. )
♥ What attracts you sexually in a girl ? ( Openess, advanture, accaptance towards her body.. )
♥ What attracts you mentally in a girl ? ( Culture, positivity, spirtuality, philosophy.. )

Now, at this specific point you know what you want. That’s what girls actually desire. A man with a clear vision and choices. So, less waste of time for both of you. As a result, you can go ahead a screen if she is the type of person you would enjoy spending a good time with her without getting bored or having a desire to move on.

• Question n°2 •

What DoES she think ABOUT relationships ?

We all acknowledge that honestly. What we think about realtionships too, is very flexible. All depends of the situation and the moment we are living in. So, just remember how many times you changed your mind on relationships? Sincerely, it’s something that we don’t control deeply. It’s a matter of emotions and feelings.

So, just know what you want first! Then screen the girl for what she is looking for in that moment.
• Is she into monogamous or polygamous relationships ?
• Is looking for an open or serious relationship ?
• What does she think about one night stands ?

• Question n°3 •

How is the realtionship with her Father?

Her father is the first person in her life. The first male energy that she got in touch with. Her first reference on man behavior. So, it’s highly important to aknowledge couple of information about this matter.

First of all, you notice the difference in girls behavios and attitude towards man. Therefore, it’s an tremendous contrast between contrast between girls nature. While, those who trust you, just in the first interaction, as long as you are hones, and those girls addapting defenciveness and fears towards you. All that is coming, in a big part, from the father-daughter relationship. So, the way he treated her, his presence in her day to day life, his reward towards her accomplishments, …

As a result, it creates a tendancy in the girls mind of the guys she is attracted to and the way she deals with man.
It’s all about daddy issues!

This subject is a little bit delicate. So, make more comfort in order that she opens up to you about her relationship with her dad!

Through my experience in seduction, i’ve noticed a huge difference in girls perceptions of the man to woman dynamic. The one question that i kept asking every moment i meet a new girl.
But, what can be more shoking sometimes, that the girl do hates man but at the same time, still enjoy meeting and fucking them.
It’s quietly insane how the father-daugther relationship is a big influence to the girls attitude towards man in her future.

To read more about it from a scientific perspective : Why The Father-Daughter Relationship Is So Important.

Furthermore, the girl behavior can be related to her ex-boyfriends relationships which can leads us to the fourth question.

• Question n°4 •

How Was Her realtionship with her Ex-Boyfriend?

First of all, ask her about her ex’s and how was the relationship?

A lot of people have the tendency to hate their ex’s for an X reason. But, if the girls hate is enormous for all her ex’s. It’s not the healthiest girl to stick to. You will be probably hated as soon as you leave them. So run away.

Sometimes, the girl could be hurt if the guy is a real bastard, who cheted on her while they already established a serious relationship. Consequently, that creates some kind of fear and a very big issue towards trusting men in the future.

To conclude

Learn to put standards and be selective in order to attract the energies you desire in life. Questions are your powerfull tool to get the girl you want. So in order to get the right responces, you have to ask the right questions. As long as you know what you want in girls, you can choose the right ones for you.

Peace out,

The collective journey.

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