An alpha male in relationships

For centuries alpha male traits haven’t changed. We always see beautiful women around alpha males. We wonder how this alpha male acts in his relationships with women and what makes all the girls fall for his charm so quickly.

All of us at a certain point have noticed an alpha male, becoming intrigued by his manners and behavior. We’ve asked a variety of questions about these specific traits that allow a man to evolve to an alpha level.

In relationships, quality women have a tendency to look for an alpha man that can be both a lover and provider. Woman look for this type of man to let go of all their feminine energy and open up fully to masculinity.

In this specific article, I want to share some deep insights that I’ve learned throughout my journey of field experience.

So here are the most important traits of an alpha male in a relationship:


What makes a man an alpha male is his commitment to his own standards and beliefs. When an alpha male says that he doesn’t want to do something out of his standards, there is no need to over-assert or convince anyone.

In a relationship, if a woman crosses his boundaries, he just stands up and stops her. He is able to say no when he feels like doing it.

He believes in his limits and barriers, knowing that people should not cross them. He gives a lot of respect to himself, and he expects respect from others. He acknowledges his importance and respects other people’s opinions. For an alpha male, boundaries are sacred and no one is able to violate them.

So, an alpha male gets straight to the point. No games to play and no time to lose.


Woman adore honesty

One of the traits that woman cherish in a man is his capacity to unfilter his personality. In a relationship, an alpha male is as expressive as possible towards his partner. No need to fake yourself to please to someone. If a man do that, he is is absolutely a beta. An alpha male is somebody who believes in the power of honest signals.

Woman appreciate the truth when it comes out of a real man’s mouth. As long as a man is honest, his self esteem will be high, because there is nothing to hide. So, you should decide deeply if you want to go fully real. Furthermore, an alpha don’t make the other person lose time because he value every moment he is spending on earth. If he don’t like the woman he is around, he just don’t waste time and move on.

Alpha male is abundant

As long as you are being honest, you will always do things that please you sincerely. A woman knows that an alpha is capable of being surrounded by the girls that he desires. He already knows that he can get the woman that he deserves.

In a relationship, a woman will show a lot of appreciation and open up fully to an alpha male because she recognizes his ability to carry her feminine energy.


An alpha male is a leader

Since the caveman ages, alpha males have been known to lead. It’s a very apparent trait in a rational male. Such a man has influence on groups and a capacity to get them to do what he desires. A man who leads is an authority figure. They give orders and often in a very spontaneous way. You feel a desire to follow them because you have trust in them, especially if they lead and naturally assume their own leadership.

Girls adore leaders

Also, it’s common to see that women or people in general significantly appreciate the presence of a leader. Girls love being led by men. Furthermore, there’s an innate desire to have a man replace their father. Most of the times, fathers lead their families and ensure their security. Also, women desire an alpha leader who assumes his dominance, someone to who she can open up and show her submissive and passive feminine side.

People with the highest status in our society are leaders and influencers. The last time you were around somebody with great leadership skills, you probably showed them a lot of respect and compliance. That’s exactly what happens when a woman meets an alpha male.


They have the ability to make choices quickly and effectively. An alpha male makes rational decisions under pressure. He learns to manage harsh situations with significant self control. He doesn’t freak out or get shocked for hours when something happens to him or his girlfriend; instead he looks for real solutions. Furthermore, he never pushes his feminine partner to make decisions because he acknowledges that he is the man in the situation.

So, generally speaking, a man who makes great decisions is an experienced person. He’s trained himself to react under stress and tension. He challenges himself sometimes to refresh that reflex.

A decisive man will make women feel comfortable around him because he has the ability to protect them and manage hard situations. So long as woman have the tendency to be very emotional in hard times in which they lose control, they will adore that logical and dominant trait in men, which is decisiveness.


Generally speaking, you notice a lot of men in our society who try to justify themselves to other men or women. All this simply to feed the ego by getting external validation. Furthermore, when a person wants approval, you sense that it’s coming from a very needy place which is due to very low self-esteem.

A person who seeks approval looks for other people to give them permission in life, in order to feel better.

Woman generally perceive approval-seeking in men as a huge weakness. She’ll feel that you are not able to handle your life and do things for yourself, but that instead you act to make other people accept you. It’s quite a needy trait in men. It shows that you generate happiness from people’s judgements and validations, proving that you never deeply assume who you are.

A real alpha male knows how to reward himself because he acknowledges his own values. He can do whatever he wants without have to seek permission from anyone. He just goes and does it. He is not waiting for anybody to applaud his achievements. A man with high self-esteem in life never seeks anyone’s approval because his expectations are much higher than that. Someone else’s validation is not the thing that will make him feel sufficient; he is already enough at any point in his journey.

As a result, alpha males have a higher goal than simple making people applaud them. They work for themselves and do not need to show off as winners. They already believe that they are winners.


An alpha male is a man who doesn’t fear challenge. It’s simply a mind stimulation and a couple of doses of adrenaline for him. He loves to confront his deepest fears. It makes him feel alive and willing to crush his limits in order to reach a higher level of success. Furthermore, he has the ability to go for things even without being prepared, taking advantage of his rooted beliefs and his capacity to achieve what he desires.


In a relationship he goes for a woman that pushes him towards challenges in life. He hates to be in a stagnant state. He has a masculine drive that pushes him instinctively to accomplish new things in his life and the life of his partner.

Fear does not exist in his reality. So, he does what he feels like doing. He thinks out of the box and with creativity in order to make the relationship more exciting for him and his girlfriend. Women tend to go for an alpha male because he is full of risk. A girl wants to chase him because she thinks that he is not easy to get.


When a man’s center of interest is his girlfriend, he has already lost her. An alpha male carries his own life. His woman is a part of his journey and not the base of it. Men with no purpose in life are far from being alpha males. A woman can’t be your goal as a man.

For example: all these guys that you’ve seen before, doing things that they don’t even like in order to make money are beta males. Men who try to be rich or famous to get money in order to get women are beta males too.

An alpha male does things because he loves doing them, not because it brings him women.

So, in a relationship, if you spend all your day around your girl, she will feel that you are a total loser with no life. Furthermore, women want to feel a little bit neglected. She has a deep desire to chase you. She wants to feel your absence, so that she can crave your presence. Do not always be available for her.


We all love people with a clear and honest frame of mind. Girls admire a man who believes in what he says. A man who doesn’t change for her. By which I mean, he assumes every word that comes out of his mouth. If he says something, it’s coming from a deep conviction.

When an alpha says something, he means it. He has no hesitation in what he claims. So, he says only what he believes.


In a relationship, an alpha male is able to genuinely be sorry whenever he commits a mistake. He can apologize, not to please the other person but because he acknowledges his error and he believes in his capacity to never repeat it again. He is not waiting for his partner to accept him, and he feels okay with himself when he does it. It’s simply being honest for him.

To summarize

As long as evolution continues to occur, alpha male traits will remain the same. The moment you adapt yourself to these thoughts women will feel more and more at ease with you.

In a relationship, your partner will appreciate this and strive to deliver you the best of herself. It’s a freedom and a real joy for a woman to be in the presence of an alpha male.

If you’ve had any experience being an alpha male in a relationship with a woman, you can share your story in the comment section below.

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